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Redd gets very emotional when the family visits.


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Bad Girls Club: Chicago

Jada (From Bad Girls Club: Chicago) released her song “Breakdown” which was heard from episode “That’s A Rap”..

Missed a First Look Special of BGC12? Watch Episode 1211 first look now! New episode returns NEXT TUESDAY 8/7c.

Episode 1211 - First Look Special -

During Redd & Jada fight..


Jada VS Redd (Round 2) (Sneak Peek)


Asker pariah-s Asks:
Who does dalila and raesha replace ?
joeybgcblogger joeybgcblogger Said:

Dalila - Redd

Raesha - Britt.

The Bad Girls Club are taking a break.. New episode returns July 29th! 8/7c -BGC12

Catch 2nd replacement of BGC12 Dalila.. Coming up on the next couple of episodes.. -BGC12

Are you ready to see more of former, Bad Girls Club: Season 2 star “Tanisha Thomas”? Like it or not, Tanisha is joining the cast of “Orange Is The New Black” Season 3 which will be released on Netflix June 2015! Stay tuned for more info soon!

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1210 - Bad News Britt - Loren’s new positive spin on life leads to tension with Redd and Britt, who continue with their bitter and negative ways, while Aysia finds her voice and gives her boyfriend an ultimatum.

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