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Tonight.. Jada is not holding back.. She’s swinging! Don’t miss out Bad Girls Club: Chicago, Reunion Pt 2 TONIGHT 8/7c, Only on Oxygen.

Alex joins the reunion but it’s not too long till the bashing begins! Bad Girls Club: Chicago, Reunion Pt 2 airs TOMORROW 8/7c!

8 days left…

It’s an epic part 2 of Bad Girls Club: Chicago Reunion that you don’t wanna miss. Next Tuesday 8/7c!

Are you guys ready for “Bad Girls Club: Redemption”? Expect the FULL Trailer After “Bad Girls Club: Chicago” Reunion, Pt III. Will be posted here after it airs.


It’s time for a BGC Throwback!

Bad Girls Club: Throwback - Natalie VS Kate

Things get even more interesting! Bad Girls Club: Chicago, Reunion, Pt 2 Continues.. Next Tuesday 8/7c only on Oxygen.

Missed the new episode of Bad Girls Club: Chicago? Now you can watch!


Bad Girls Club: Chicago, Reunion Part 2 PROMO

Ready for some sneak peeks for the next episode? Sneak peeks are now up on the Sneak Peek section.

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