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Tanisha Thomas is part of the cast of WETV new series “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” Check out the trailer below.. It’s a DON’T MISS.

Bad Girls Club: Chicago - 

1st Group Promo Picture

2nd BGC12 HD Wallpaper (Laptop/Desktop)

Check out these 3 fresh new sneak peeks of Episode 1201 of BGC12. Premiering May 13th 8/7c Only on Oxygen.

"I Knew Michael Jackson was gonna die because he told me in his dream"

Sneak Peek 1 -

Sneak Peek 2 -

Sneak Peek 3 -

Bad Girls Club: Chicago - Season Premiere, May 13th 8/7c Only on Oxygen!

Asker ridelana Asks:
did you know everybody hates you and thinks you're stupid as fuck but follows you for the free HD episodes? Thanks a lot for ruining who won for me you ugly fuck.
joeybgcblogger joeybgcblogger Said:

I don’t give a fuck on what you say.. You ain’t shit and ain’t gonna be shit.. Have some seats and fuck off.. Don’t hate me :)

Stephanie(BGC11 chick) is planning on getting a Brazilian Butt Lift - - “I’m Getting An Ass Like JLO’s” READ MORE HERE —>

Reunited.. And it feels so… BAD

BGASB2 - Reunion Preview.

Congrats! TIANA.. The winner of BGASB2.

BGASB2 Season Finale - Extended