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Asker phonethug Asks:
Did the episode where Redd smacks Jada even air? I can't find it
joeybgcblogger joeybgcblogger Said:

It’s on tomorrow’s new episode.

Bad Girls Club: Chicago is so new! TOMORROW! 8/7c! DON’T MISS IT… Who else is glad that the break is over!


TMZ is reporting that Florina Kaja AKA Flo, was arrested for DWI & Drugs.. READ MORE BELOW.

Florina “Flo” Kaja is still a ‘Bad Girl’ to cops in NY, where she got busted for DWI and drug possession — but not before she tried to dupe ‘em with the oldest move in the book … TMZ has learned

Kaja — from Season 4 of “The Bad Girls Club" — was stopped by cops in Yonkers, NY on Monday night for making an illegal U-turn. According to police, she appeared to be under the influence … acting erratic and fidgety.

Cops say they found a bag of weed and another substance they believe to be cocaine. Officers say Flo also gave them a fake name, which — as every delinquent teen knows — NEVER works.

Flo’s been charged with possession of a controlled substance and DWI — and cops say she also had an outstanding warrant for harassment.

Yeah, she bad.

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Bad Girls Club: Season 13 - All Stars Edition

Bad Girls Club: Season 13 - All Stars Edition


Meet Dalila -


- Coming episode 1212


Redd gets very emotional when the family visits.


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Bad Girls Club: Chicago

Jada (From Bad Girls Club: Chicago) released her song “Breakdown” which was heard from episode “That’s A Rap”..

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